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How good Asthma and COPD control can help the NHS

The NHS is the first health service in the world who has pledged to reach Net Zero by 2040. Out of all the emissions from primary care, a whopping 13% of these are just from inhaler medication. If your asthma and/or COPD is well controlled, you will need fewer rescue (blue) inhalers, your health will be improved, and you are less likely to need emergency care.

There are many different types of effective inhalers available, but some have a higher carbon footprint that others. The NHS has asked GP teams to discuss with their patients about whether it is possible to switch inhalers to those that use less harmful gases during annual asthma reviews. This will bring us in line with other countries in the world and it will help the NHS to reduce their carbon footprint. Please do not stop using your inhalers but do ask your practice nurse, GP, or respiratory specialist about this at your next appointment. If you would like to discuss the possibility of making a switch earlier, please contact our reception team to arrange an appropriate appointment.

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For more information, please look at the Greener Inhaler website

And please remember to return all your inhalers to your pharmacist, never throw them in your domestic waste. See more information about returning inhalers.

Update January 2023 – Mile Oak Medical Centre is helping to lead the way in Green Inhaler Salbutamol prescribing

Latest prescribing data shows that Mile Oak Medical Centre has made considerable progress when it comes to prescribing lower carbon Salbutamol inhalers.

The data on this webpage shows that our carbon intensive Salbutamol inhaler prescribing rates are among the lowest in the country. Well done team and thank you to our patients for using environmentally friendly inhalers!