Declaration of a Climate Emergency




Our pledge

We at Mile Oak Medical Centre are concerned about, and recognise the importance and urgency of addressing climate change, and the serious risks that climate change poses for present and future generations.

We agree to take the following actions:

  • We will tell the truth and acknowledge the climate crisis is a health crisis and an emergency.
  • We will act now by taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero as soon as feasible.
  • We are stronger together and will work with others; our staff, patients, healthcare colleagues and local communities, to create new solutions.
  • We pledge to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint) caused by our practice and aim for Net Zero within ten years or faster if feasible.
  • To achieve the target of Net Zero, we will measure our carbon footprint, identify the hotspots and put plans into action to reduce each of these. We cannot reach Net Zero without each component part reaching zero.
  • We will pay attention to the climate footprint of our travel (both staff and patients), energy use, the services we use, and the products we buy and use. We will make low-carbon choices wherever possible. We will treat all the resources we use as valuable and not be wasteful.
  • We will be transparent and measure our footprint every 3 years to ensure we are meeting our commitments. The results will be published on our website.
  • We will provide leadership through our actions and share our experiences in making cleaner choices with our staff, patients and colleagues and encourage them to sign their pledge too.