You can now book your appointments ONLINE    For more information, please click here. Alternatively you can send an eConsult to the surgery



In response to feedback from patients and to try and make it as easy as possible to talk to your doctor on the phone or be seen promptly, we now operate an 'on the day' phone based system for everybody.

To speak to a GP, simply phone the surgery and ask for a call back.The doctor will then call back as soon as they can (or you can ask for a callback at a rough time that suits). They will discuss your problem with you and agree what to do. You may only need advice or a prescription, or you may need to see someone face to face. If you need a face to face appointment, the doctor will aim to offer you an appointment during the session you have called.

Therefore, if you think you may need to be seen at the surgery by your GP, please call during the session you could come in (ie. in the afternoon, if you can only come in in the afternoon). Unless you need to be seen urgently, please call at a time when you know your own doctor has a clinic.

You can view the GP / nurse practitioner timetable of availability here

We hope that this system will make it easier to speak to your doctor and get advice, reduce unnecessary journeys to the surgery and create far shorter waits to see your doctor.

Our aim is to see everyone who wants to be seen on the day, without the need to wait days or weeks for an appointment. If you know you will want to be seen face to face then please call either at or as close as possible to 8.30am for the morning session, or at or as close as possible to 2pm for the afternoon session. Appointments will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please note that the phone lines are very busy at these times but please continue to hold or try again and our Reception Team will answer your call.

You are also able to pre-book telephone appointments if you sign up for the Online Service access, either via our website or the app.

Please note, if you are using our online service to request a call back from a GP: The time you book yourself in for a phone call is not necessarily the time you will be called back. Our GPs try and call everyone back as soon as they can, but times cannot be guaranteed and it does depend on how busy things are as well. Please put a brief description of the problem and note down the phone number you would like the doctor to use when you book online.

We also offer an  Extended Hours service offering appointments between 18:30 and 20:30 Monday to Friday, Saturday 08:00 - 14:00 and 09:00-13:00 Sunday's


Practice nurses & healthcare assistants

Appointments to see the practice nurse or healthcare assistant are pre-bookable up to 4 weeks in advance.

Please phone 01273 426200 or log in via this website to book appointments.


Continuity Policy

Evidence shows that both patients and clinicians value continuity of care – in the sense of a patient repeatedly consulting the same doctor and forming a therapeutic relationship. Each of our Patients is assigned to a "usual GP", and we encourage you to try and make your appointments with that GP whenever possible. Sometimes if you have an urgent problem that needs you to be seen quickly you may not be able to see your "usual GP". Our receptionists are skilled in helping you decide whether you need to be seen urgently, or if your problem can wait to see your usual GP. They may need to ask you some very simple questions to help you decide this.


Cancelling & Rescheduling Appointments

If you cannot attend your given appointment please call 01273 426200 to cancel or reschedule. On average 40 people every month fail to turn up for their appointments without informing us.

These slots could be put to good use and offered to another patient, allowing the doctors and nurses to reduce any backlog of patients and reduce waiting times. Please think of others when you can no longer attend or need a scheduled appointment.


Self Check-in for Appointments

We have a screen available on the reception desk to enable patients to check-in for their appointments. This is very quick and easy to use. If you would like assistance, please ask a member of the reception team.