Missed Appointments 




Are you struggling to get an appointment with a clinician when you need one?

You may be interested to know that this week (15th May- 19th May 2023) Mile Oak Medical Centre has had:

  • Over 1 hour 30 mins in GP DNAs / missed appointments

  • Over 14 hours 20 mins in nursing DNAs / missed appointment

  • OOver 1 hour 30 mins in Physio DNAs / missed appointments

This is such a waste of much needed, precious appointments when we have so many patients needing an appointment and not being able to get one.

When you book an appointment Mile Oak send a confirmation text (if there is a mobile number recorded on your record) or offer an appointment card (if you are in the surgery and have no recorded mobile). Please, please, please turn up for your appointment or answer your phone if you have asked for a call back/submitted an eConsult. Our clinicians will attempt to call you 2 times, if they have not been successful on the second attempt you will need to submit a new eConsult / call again to request another call back. It is your responsibility to be near your phone.

Please remember to cancel if you no longer need to be seen/contacted. Missed appointments are a drain on already stretched NHS resources and there is always someone else needing that appointment. Please think of others in need.

Thank for you to everyone who continues to attend promptly for their booked appointments!

Published: May 15, 2023