'MyMelanoma' Skin Cancer Study




You are invited to take part in the world’s biggest NHS study of Melanoma -  The MyMelanoma Research Study.

MyMelanoma is a partnership between people who have been affected by melanoma, clinicians and researchers in Oxford and Leeds to form the largest melanoma research study in the world.

What does MyMelanoma hope to achieve:

  • Determine what lifestyles can affect the risk of melanoma coming back (recurrence) and what can be done about it
  • Discover tests which better predict recurrence and which can be used to select the best treatment for an individual patient
  • Identify what the risk of any new cancer is in families who are at an increased risk of melanoma

Do you have a strong family history of cancer, especially melanoma?
Do you know you carry a gene which increases your risk of melanoma?

The study is looking for families affected plus 20,000 people who have ever had a melanoma of the skin, mucosa (mouth, nose, or genitals) or under the nails, to join MyMelanoma. 

MyMelanoma is designed to answer the most important unanswered questions in melanoma research.


Can you join them?

To sign up to be part of MyMelanoma or if you have any further questions, please visit their website

Published: Aug 15, 2023