Social Prescriber




We have a wonderful Social Prescriber called Mary working with us at the surgery. Please let us know if you wish to be referred to see her.

Social Prescribing is a (non-medical) service that aims to help people improve both their health and wellbeing. It sees a broad range of people with differing social, emotional and practical needs, helping them access the right resources (e.g., groups, courses, activities, information, social connections, services, support, etc.) to meet those needs.

Social Prescribing Link Workers can support you to identify what is important to you and to set your own goals. They can then help you explore a range of options, such as groups, activities or services that can support you. Social Prescribing Link Workers go beyond simply providing information. They are able to listen, encourage you to try something new, help you find the right support and resources to meet your individual needs and make referrals for you, where necessary. 

Mary Finlay is our Social Prescribing Link Worker. You can refer yourself by:

  • Completing the online form at: Together Co (please add the name of your GP practice in the ‘Message’ box)  
  • Or you can ask any member of staff at your GP practice to refer you to Social Prescribing.

Published: Aug 24, 2021