Teaching Involvement




Medical Students

Our practice is a community teaching practice for Brighton and Sussex Medical School. With the supervision of your doctor or nurse, medical students may, with your consent in advance, join your consultation. This is one way medical students learn to become good doctors and understand patient views about their care. We appreciate your help with their learning. Please let your doctor or the Practice Manager know if you have any questions about our community medical teaching. If you prefer not to have a student sitting in, please let the doctor, nurse or receptionist know.


General Practice Registrars

GP Registrars are often attached to the practice and are fully qualified doctors gaining experience in general practice. Mile Oak Medical Centre is a training practice. You therefore may be offered an appointment with a qualified doctor gaining experience in general practice, or be asked if one may be present whilst you consult your own doctor. If you prefer to see your doctor in private, please let us know.


Videoing Consultations

As part of on-going training some doctors may on occasion video or record their consultations. There will be no recording of intimate examinations and the camera or microphone can be switched off on request. If you do not wish to be recorded, this will not affect your consultation. Consent is always obtained from a patient before the consultation and again at the end of any consultations being recorded. Patient's have the opportunity to decline at any point during the consultation.