Practice Team


David Grant
Practice Business Manager

David has a number of years experience working in various parts of the NHS including CCGs, Hospital Trusts and NHS England.  His role is to ensure patients receive a good standard of care and service from the Mile Oak team.  




Jane Monte

Jane has filled in a brand new role of Prescription Lead. This involves helping prepare prescriptions for doctors to process, and dealing with many administrative medication issues. This helps make sure we deal with our patients' prescription enquiries and repeats as efficiently and easily as possible.



Our reception staff are usually the first port-of-call when you contact the Practice so they have been trained to direct you to the most appropriate person, at the most appropriate time available. To do this they will usually ask you some very simple questions to make sure you get the service you need.



Mandy  Paley

Alison Grove

Our medical secretaries provide invaluable administrative support to the medical staff by dealing with incoming and outgoing mail, processing all the referrals made, liaising with other medical centres and helping to set up and process medical reports. They also often deal directly with patients to help navigate through all these processes.

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