We will try to keep this section of our website as up to date as we can with the latest information as we get it. Updated: 20.03.20

Currently the advice from Public Health England is for everyone to be social distancing themselves and to self-isolate if anyone has symptoms or a housbold contact has symptoms. Social distancing means reducing usual activities which would involve meeting other people as some people will carry the virus without showing any symptoms. If possible people should try to work from home, reduce social activities such as social groups or meet ups. Restaurants and pubs may close and travel should only be made if truly essential. Self-isolation plays a keep part in stopping the tramsission of the coronavirus. If anyone in the household is showing signs or symptoms of coronavirus then the entire household must isolate for 14 days. This can be shortened to 7 days for anyone who shows symptoms and the 7 days starts from the first day symptoms start. Further information and visual graphics of how this works for a family can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance/stay-at-home-guidance-for-households-with-possible-coronavirus-covid-19-infection If you need to self-isolate for 14 days you can get a note for your employer from https://www.gov.uk/government/news/online-isolation-notes-launched-providing-proof-of-coronavirus-absence-from-work this link also talks about how to continue claiming Universal Credit or ESA during this time. 

Mile Oak Medical Centre is dedicated to providing the best healthcare we can to our patients whilst maintaining the safety of our staff. Many vulnerable patients will need to still attend the surgery for blood tests and nursing care. It is for this reason and the protection of our staff that we ask you to please avoid coming to the surgery unless you have spoken to someone and arranged an appointment first. As you can imagine our phone lines are very busy as a result but please bear with us and we will answer all your questions and queries as best we can.We understand this is a worrying time and we will do our best to support everyone through this. Most of us have never seen such times in our lifetimes especially not our working career so we are all learning. We are taking guidance from the local CCG but also Public Health England and NHS England. 

Prescriptions can still be issued but we will not be issuing more than is necessary. 2 month prescriptions are the usual and this is important for the supply chain of medication. We cannot rapidly change what we notmally do as this will cause an unecessary strain on the medications supply and may make it unavailable to others. We will not be issuing medications early for this same reason. Prescriptions will be sent via electronic prescription service direct to the chemist of your choice for collection. Prescription orders can be made online or by phoning the prescription ordering service POD on 08081 647678 (mon-fri, 8-4pm). 

Nursing appointments at the surgery will be done by telephone where possible. All should be triaged to ensure no symptoms before attending the surgery. Routine appointments for cervical screening and childhood immunisations will continue as normal with triage call beforehand. We understand there are other aspects to nursing care which are necessary such as dressing and stitche removal etc. These will be triaged and arranged on an individual basis with our nursing team. 

Referrals and hospital appointments. Referrals will still be made from the surgery at this time. Different departments are managing their appointments differently and you will be contacted with information specific to your clinic appointment. Some are being done via telephone and some going ahead as planned. We appreciate some of you will have been waiting a long time for these appointments and we hope that most of the clinics can support you with the specialist advice we need. 

Midwifery appointments: we know this is an uncertain times for you and your family. At present appointments will be offered by telephone. Scans will go ahead as normal and bloods will be taken at the same time to minimise visits to the hospital. Please ensure only 1 adult attends with you for support and if either of you have a cough or a fever of 37.8 or above that neither of you attend and you speak to 111 as per guidance. This is the same guidance for labour ward. Unfortunately no children are allowed onto maternity wards at this time to protect the newborn babies. 

Published: Mar 20, 2020