Privacy Slips




The practice always welcomes feedback from patients and where we can make changes, we always will. We have therefore decided to introduce ‘privacy slips’ for patient use. Some patients who are visiting the practice in person may feel uncomfortable having to verbally share their details with the receptionist in the waiting area.

The privacy slips allows patients to write down a brief reason for why they need an appointment on a piece of paper. The receptionist uses this information to ensure the patient is receiving the proper level of care and is booked in with the appropriate clinician, whether it is a nurse or doctor. This also helps the practice utilise appointments correctly, especially when there is a high demand for appointments.

Once the receptionist has read the privacy slip and it has been dealt with, it is immediately disposed of in the locked confidential waste bin for later shredding or returned to the patient if requested.

Patients can either fill out the slip in the reception area or bring their own written document. Our slip asks for the patient’s name, date of birth, address and includes a space for the patient to write a comment.

Published: Jun 14, 2024